Our Foundation

Our firm was established by experienced business professionals who have successfully accumulated a vast knowledge base and gained the industry experience in multiple focus areas. This expertise of our founders have led us on to the path of success as we constantly provide quality services and trade excellent quality of products along the way. Our construction business professionals have an experience of more than 20 years as general contractors. Owing to these advantages, we have turned into one of the leading turnkey providers in Saudi Arabia. This has given us the potential to become reliable provider of a seamless services from pre-design planning to completion and occupancy.

Company Objectives

We make use of advanced technology that enhance the employee productivity and their skills. We aim to expand our business by assuring high levels of customers satisfaction. Our team members strive to achieve the following company objectives:

  • Delivering on the high standards of commitment to our customer.
  • Treating our clients, suppliers and customers with honesty and respect.
  • Offering an unmatched level of service at market leading prices

Our Services

S- Satisfaction of clients: We strive to achieve maximum levels of customers' service satisfaction.
E- Enthusiasm: We respond with enthusiasm at all levels of our operations.
R- Respect: Our team respects all our esteemed clients.
V- Values: Our company instills good values among the employees.
I- Intellect: Our intellect is focused on achieving the company objectives
C- Charisma: The clients are influence by the wonderful charisma we have
E- Evaluation: We constantly evaluate ourselves to determine our performance

Logo Of ALT And C S.P.C Stands For

Circle is for blessings.
Eagle denotes courage and focus.
Blue is a representation of trust, responsibility, honesty, loyalty and reliability.
Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Our Mission

It is our mission to cater the requirements of national and international clients by trading and contracting services with maximum levels of customers' satisfaction.

Future Plans

We aim to become reliable providers in the ever changing market needs so that we can bridge the gap between the demand and supply.